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Pupils Voice- Our New Curriculum  

What have you enjoyed learning about?


Monty “ I am really enjoying doing  co-ordinate work in numeracy”

Josh “ I like science because we learn  about the human body, plants, animals and lifecycles."

Sarah /Abbie “We like doing P.E . We have been doing invasion skills and dance.  We have also had a coach in from Carres Grammar School to teach us handball.”

Carys “In maths we have been learning about angles , sometimes I find it hard but I always have someone to help me if I need it.”


Harriot –“I like literacy because I like writing and I want to be an author when I grow up. I have lots of opportunities to write in lots of different subjects.”

Zac  “We write about the explorers in geography like Captain James Cook ."

Briony –“ I like using ICT for maths, science and literacy.”


Elliott “I like being a captain in the space area.”

Benjamin “ I like making things with the lego.”

Elissa “I like doing letters and words in the sand.”

How can we improve our curriculum?


Harry- "We would like to do more art, DT and music and different PE activities such as golf, athletics, basketball, volleyball, cross country"

Meera - "We would like more outside learning particularly in the woods. Could we do photography?"


Charlotte - "I would like to make my own maps and experience more things."

Katie – "I would like more opportunities to dress up and be a Roman"

What do you like best?


Abbie-  “I think targets are good because you can focus on it and you know what you have to do to get better.”

Edward -“Targets are good and we have lots of opportunities to meet them.”

Meera – "In my opinion targets are a guide and a goal; they are a guide because they help you with your work and a goal because they are something that you can achieve."


Isaac  “ I like phonics with Inky. We play lots of P.E. games and you get to fly the parachute – it’s really good fun.”

Seren  “ I like playing outside because I found a pterodactyl!” 


What do you enjoy least?


Carys – “I don’t really enjoy PE in the winter because it is cold.”

Amara –“ I would like to read more  books such as Harry Potter.”

Meera “ I am really being stretched in literacy but sometimes it makes me feel really tired.”

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